Cambrian club Opabinias and Wiwaxias await

That is what I would suggest

Ok... Can u do it? I don't want to do that again and Neopixel didn't respond to the last time I asked him to deliver an OMTL.....

I added the OMLT @Mr.rex!


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It's funny that in my topic there's an OMTL with me in it.....

I just copy and pasted it

Im in it too

I know.... I would have done it, but I'm on iPad and the iPad's copy and paste system is not good.....

Hello? Anyone?


Sorry to bother you, but what is a Cambrian, Opabinias, and a Wiwaxius?

The Cambrian period was a period long ago
Edit: before the dinosaurs

I got GIFs!

That’s an amazing GIF I gotta admit!

I like that one too!

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