Cambrian club Opabinias and Wiwaxias await

Like Cambrian creatures? Come here!

Do u like cambrain creatures?:
What’s ur HS username?:
That’s about all for the from

Howzabout… Size comparison!

Pole: what’s ur fav Cambrian creature?

  • Wiwaxia
  • Opabinia
  • Anomalocaris
  • Pikaia
  • Other
  • All of them!

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This is cool!

sets topic to watching

Bulletin board

(I will constantly edit this post with current activities, ETC!)

Make a project that tours Cambrian! (Deadline January 20th)



Welcome to the Cambrian club! This just started!


Thanks! Now if @TheDrawer would just get here...

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I think @TheDrawer is off at the moment.

But Idk.

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I was just talking to him.....

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Weird, it says the last post was like 50 minutes ago

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Well, it took me a while to post the last thing I said to him because I had to make a project and this topic so I could link both in one post.....

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@Mr.rex So are there going to be challenges?

And should we use the OMLT or not?

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@TheDrawer, hello. Are you on at the moment?

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Thanks for making the club! :D I can't wait for the challenges and stuff. I also might not finish all of them heheh


I forgot the form. How could I?

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I dunno....... A person who likes this stuff is rare.... What do you think?

Well if no one on the OMLT wants to, then they don't have to post, but you never know who's out there!

Ur in!

I can't find that account

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Wait I think it's a :D at the end sorry heheh

Oh, I see it.... U liked a bunch of projects..... I thought u had one account called the coder : ) and narwhal : D, not two separate accounts... Ur in!

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Yay thanks! :D

So we should......