Calling out vs. Calling out and in



Some people on here call out others people's mistakes, but then forget to call in. But then some other people call out and call in. I think when you see someone make a mistake, or is being mean, you could call them out by saying "Hey that wasn't very nice" or "You made a copy topic" and then call them in "Maybe you should rephrase that by saying x, y, and z, because you do not want to make x, y and z feel bad or start flame wars" or "It's not okay to copy on the forum, but maybe you can merge this topic and you will not get in trouble!" What do you guys think?


I think we already do that, but cool idea!


Well yes, but some people forget, and this is just a reminder!


Great reminder :thumbsup:


Le gah. I'm out of likes so here :heart:


Thank you @KVJ!! A lot of people do forget!!


That is kinda true, hence why this is a good reminder :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, this an excersize we did in school, and it helped me a lot. Also, processing the issue and calling out and calling in go hand in hand!