Calling All Profile Pic Makers!(HopscotchRemixer's Profile Picture Contest)



Based off of @WynterDiamond’s idea for the PFP contest.

Enter your PFPs here! They can be:
Trail Art
Shape Art
Clone Art
Cool Image
This isn’t really as much as a competition…because I will use all the PFP entries at one point in time(unless I really don’t want to or feel like it doesn’t fit me) and maybe I will keep one for a few weeks or months!


Ok I’ll do it


For Halloween (from a comic)


It’s not Halloween yet though…


Lol no I won’t win


@HopscotchRemixer your PFP is nintendo right?


Ok! I’ll maybe do it
Sorry, school has been busy


This is a great idea, I might post a profile picture if I have time! :slight_smile:


I’ll enter. I have ideas. I will do it after I do Wyn’s


When is this over?


Don’t know I just want some good PFPs


It’s not very good, but it describes you.


Yeah I guess it does!


This is a quick sketch that I made – it’s not very square, so I think that it would be better suited to a background.


Ok thanks! I will make sure too use all profile pics for at least a day!


Oh okay, cool! Your welcome! :smiley: