Calling all Poets!


So... I really like writing. And so I thought, why not have a topic where we share our poetry? So this is one. Enjoy!


ocean spray
Little white blossoms of foam
Splashing against
An ocean of green


This is a great topic! Maybe we could relate it to HS in any sort of way!


How so? (20 characters)


I'm not sure! Maybe you could code pictures that relate to the lines of poetry? I don't really know though. I'm not the best writer. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Sorry, this isn't a Hopscotch related poem, but I had to get it out there.)


I go outside,
With my thoughts
And a tube of bubbles,
And I let them both go
With one


Well, I think there are a few other topics non hopscotch related. I really like your poem!


Two wrongs don't make a right. You have three options:
Make it HS related
Recycle it and ask people to delete their posts
Ask a leader or a mod to close it.


Fine, so... If anyone wants to post a poem, code or draw something to go with it. (Does that work @PenguinGaming713)


Yes! That's great! Sorry for the late reply.


With Your Last Touch

My life without you
My soul without you
My heart without you
Cracked in two
Anyone else
Fool's paradise

With your last touch
I shiver
When you’re far
I’ll wait
Above all
I value you
Our bumping into each other

It’s obvious why
You’ll never be ex
When you’re gone
I’ll watch
Above all
I can’t lose you
I will love you forever and ever

I haven't coded anything for this poem, but it's about HS itself so hopefully it's fine.
(Did you catch any of my coding puns? I couldn't resist... :laughing:)

Neat topic idea, @TigerLils!


Cool topic! I myself am a published author (And have won awards for poetry :D) and love writing! But I won't post yet until I make some coded things (Don't want to "I'm making a project for it!" excuse!)

EDIT: Tagging @Maltese because she's also a published author ^.^


Hopscotch is a coding app
It's one of a kind
People love it
But not as much now
The new update has made a fuss
But I am just here
Building up rust
Everyone is fighting
But I am not
I hope that you will stop
Or I might become my own fuss


Once I tried to code a cat.
It turned out rather fat!
I couldn't get the trail art
To do its right part,
And the project just fell flat.



Here's one I just wrote (free verse):

Hopscotch is a family
We've laughed together
We've cried together
We've smiled together
When we fall down we jump right back up
When we crumble we build ourselves again

Hopscotch is a family
We help each other
We teach each other
We learn from each other
We all hold on, and we don't let go
We all climb up, and we don't look down

Hopscotch is a family
Wherever we go,
And whatever we do
We'll hold on tight,
We'll grin and bear it,
We'll stick together

Hopscotch is a family
Despite our differences
Despite our weaknesses
Despite our flaws
Despite our diversity
Hopscotch is my family


That's beautiful! You should make that in HS and then code a nice background. That would totally be my iPhone screensaver. Lol. :sweat_smile:



That's so beautiful ;u;

I write lots of poems — they're just not HS related :0

I've shown one to @Intellection74 on docs! :3

I'll make a poem that's HS related soon :3