Calling All Leaders: Regular Glitch? Or Real?



Hey everybody and the leaders who can check my requirements until Trust Level 3! @BuildaSnowman, @Kiwicute2016, @t1_hopscotch?
This afternoon, I saw a Lounge topic that I could enter, I got Summary, it seemed like I was a Regular! But I didn't get the badge. Can the @moderators @BuildaSnowman @Kiwicute2016 see my trust level 3 requirements to see if this "Acting Like Regular" thing is a glitch or not?


Someone changed the lounge post from #lounge to #help. It was changed back shortly :slightly_smiling:


I know I'm not a leader, but someone—some Regular changed the category to #help, and it was originally in #lounge.


But I have a 'Summary'. Is that a regular feature?


No, I think that's just a new feature Discourse added


Someone was trolling on snowgirlstudios account and changed the tags from #lounge to #help.


Shouldn't she know who did it @Kiwicute2016


I wouldn't know, but it doesn't matter anymore :wink:. Whether she did it or not, she knows what's right or wrong.