Calling all Hopscotchers: we need your game ideas!



It’s the best idea for a game ever! I didn’t come up with it myself but still


Maybe a tutorial on how to make a iPad or phone that works with games? Maybe that will be a long tutorial


It would probably be that, but it will be shorter if they made episodes of the tutorial or just showed you how to create a basic app.


I’m so late on this topic, but I have some game ideas-
More cooking games
Slime-making games
More car-racing games
A digital piano or guitar (will need sounds, however)


These are great ideas, and it is totally okay to share them even if you are a little late posting :slight_smile:

I think that THT wants ideas all the time, so you can’t really reply at a late time in this topic.


I would really think advanced versions of some of the current videos would be good like advanced tapper or advanced Crosby road?


A video on how to make a simple piano would be cool.

  1. A trail art
  2. Tutorial on clones
  3. Candy crush ( you can use emojis as candy)
    ( you can technically make 1 game with all these things. Trail art background and you can clone the candy to make ,“Candy Crush”)


That is a really good idea! It would be nice to see updates and advancements of current, older videos!