Calling all Hopscotchers: we need your game ideas!



Pixel art because there are always new hops wondering how to do it


I agree although you should do it better like one text for a line because people that follow that video make awesome pixel arts although they take forever to load the full pixel art and what if you do square pixels? @Meg


How to make or Color switch. Both are simple games that can be recreated in HS.


I have how to make a racing game link @Meg :


An automatic chat box! I made this! I wanted to feature it but it didn't get featured.


I agree with @Valgo I think you should do a video on a drawing board


I know this isn't exactly a game but it's still an idea.

I think it would be really cool if you could make a video on trail art like @RubyWolf1 said!


How about a maze game or PAC man?


Backgrounds, definetely! Like in my profile I have a few shape made backgrounds.


A tutorial on how to make 2D models (not using images) is good...


I know one make it where ur throwing squids at windows and whoever breaks the most window with their squid gets a crow


Yes a crow because why not


Hi, the list is big but I will give you some good one that are Counter strike, GTA, Clash of the Clans, Pokemon. I am planning to buy a good video game I heard many good review about this website from my friend. Any suggestions?


2.Piano Tiles
3.Tic Tac Toe
4.Draw A Grid
5.Clone Draw
I already know how to do these but some new comers might want to know


Harry Potter Magic Game
Harry Potter Character Creator
Harry Potter Wand Maker
Harry Potter Outfit Decorator
Harry Potter Spell Maker


Topic revive! Sort of! Lol…


Maybe bring back the joystick tutorial (in the updated format though)?
Or a (simple) trail art guide?
What about those 3D text pixel art things? What were they called?

I’m not sure if these have been said before, if so, please notify me and I’ll edit it out.


anything from here


Falling potatoes and nutella splats and cookies and you have to catch them in a bowl

It’s the best idea ever


What the what??Okay…