Calling All Holidays! (Or Hollydays)

We all want some holiday cheer in our lives, right?

Well, here's a topic to spread the joy all over the forum. Anything related to a holiday coming up is allowed. Try not to get too off topic, guys. Bonus points if you make a Hopsctoch project!

I wish all of you guys a happy holidays!


And a happy new year to you

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Thanks! Have you ever stayed up until midnight for it?
I haven't :confused:


Umm half of the time I do yea

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GTG school

Okay, go learn! School is fun!

Great topic, btw!
I always say Happy Holidays because some people don't celebrate Christmas. Cool.
I don't have school for a bit, though.

Yea, i changed it when I first created it.

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Nvm 2 hour delay 3inches of snow :snowflake:

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THanks for the invite! I will definitely make some projects :)

You have delays because of snow?
Here in Canada the snow is just a post in on your forehead. You can't get rid of it, so you just look around it.

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Well in MASSACHUSETTS, USA yes snow is considered dangerous for slipping reasons, cause unlike you Canadians, we can't put down our dam iPhones when we're driving :joy:


And also when people say to stay inside for snow storms nobody does

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That's like New York, my dad at one point lived in New York, said that they don't cancel school for snow unless it's up to your shoulders. :joy:

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I was in Canada for 3 years! They don't even notice snow! We had school when there was 5in of snow!

That's a lot of snow... breaths heavily

Yeah. It takes a lot of snow for my school to be closed. I had a delay today because it was icy and the cars would have trouble.

Ya ya ice is worse than just snow

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Pennsylvania is basically Massachusetts, but a tad bit warmer!

*Pennsylvania is where I live

Pittsburg or Phildelphia?