Calling all artists! Some feedback please?


Hey guys! I'm not much of an artist, but I know you guys are. I'm working a big project, and I need you guys to answer some questions, completely honestly.

  1. In a drawing pad, do you like a preset 'pallet' of colors, like most drawing pads were before the HSB update, or do you like something like MagmaPop's invisipad where you can choose any color?

  2. What do you think the major shortcomings of current drawing pads are? What features would you want to see in a new one?

  3. What kind of stuff do you mainly draw? (People, places, still lifes, etc)

That's it for now, but I may add new questions in the coming days. Thanks!

  1. Preset
  2. Not being able to zoom, not being able to use the entire space
  3. People and animals and words


I would like to see the following:

RGB and HSB colors
A coloring book!

That's it! :smiley:


I personally think that it would be very useful to have infinite color options and preset. You could get the exact color you need, and you could get a simple color without having to search and search for it.


I would love to see an invisapad sort of thing with a place where you can save the colors that you use, so you don't have to go back and find every color. So it is like setting your own colors. I would love to se a coloring book or background feature

  1. I enjoy Magmapop's drawing pad, though if there was a way to save the colors like Valgo's pad, that would be even better!

  2. The colors take up a lot of space. I enjoyed Poptart's simple pad where all of the colors were on one side instead of around all of the edges. It would be nice if your drawing pad had the ability to blend colors.

  3. When I used to draw, it was mostly eyes and simple things. But in all, I don't like drawing on Hopscotch. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Preset
  2. Different types of brushes
  3. People

  1. Kinda a mix, I like being able to choose my own colors, but save them too (like Valgo's draw pad). If I had to choose though, I'd prefer a preset pallet.
  2. No zoom and layers, though those features are more about what Hopscotch is capable of, not the coders' ability. I kinda wish, however, that there was a drawing pad out there that is easy to use on an iPhone, because many out there are made for iPad.
  3. Mostly people :stuck_out_tongue: I really can't draw anything else


1: Preset
2: Zoom and layers
3: mostly people, animals.


I like a preset because the new color dropper idea is really laggy and I can't draw on those

I think the shortcomings of a drawing pad would be it's really hard to add small details, I know it might be impossible to incorporate a zoom in option, but that's my biggest peeve

People, eyes, lyric art, sometimes animals


I think there should be a burrito


I prefer preset colors, but I like to have a lot to choose from. Maybe not quite as much as iMeow's pad, but there should be a good variety of shades for each color.

Currently, drawing pads are pretty great, but the one I usually use (CheerfulOwl's) has a clear button that crushes my dreams. I'll be drawing, and I'll tap the arrow to change the width, and bam, I'm left with a white screen. Please make sure you have the "are you sure you want to clear?" menu when the clear button is tapped!

I usually draw people, but from time to time I do animals and miscellaneous things.

Did I spell that right?

  1. Preset colors
  2. Not being able to zoom
  3. I draw mostly people.

  1. I think both preset and HSB any colour
  2. I think you should be able to tap on the "choose a colour and width" space so it would disappear and you could use the whole space, also a "fill screen" option, and different brushes
  3. People, but sometimes I draw cats or water and air spirits

  1. I don't really mind! :3

  2. There isn't much space and they only have one brush. MORE BRUSHES :0

  3. I draw people. A lot. Sometimes I draw nature (fails!)



More brushes.
We desperately need them.


Speaking of new brushes, there was an update on my drawing app and I almost cried tears of happiness XD

Let's get back on topic!

  1. I like present. Because you would be able to save colors. (Not really save but you would know which color you chose)

  2. Maybe a fill feature. Idk why but it would make some things easier

  3. I draw people.

guacamole takis r gud


Maybe a imbedded spiral draw?


1.Preset pallet!
2.I would like to see a zoom feature, and maybe a fill feature too!
3.Mostly people!