Calling all artists!(closed now)



Thanks! Thats good for a quick job.


Okay I’ve really given up on the piece I started o\\o
Here is a picture of what I have so far
I’ve just grown out of the lineless style I think. I’m just gonna start over.

I’ll do a lot better if I start over


I’ll be able to do this! :D

I just saw this now, sorry!


Ok. Thanks! :smiley:


Their eyes look really good! Thank you. downloading .


YEE I got one picture done!
Pfft I whipped this up in like 40 minutes and I like it better than the one I did before.


Wow. I love it! Thanks!:smiley:


Ok I did it

Their really bad

I’m putting it in a folder so I don’t see it

Waaaaaait I shouldn’t of showed you… never mind


Believe in yourself! Thanks, yours gives me a different view on what Hannah could look like…


Cool! I’ll do this tomorrow! Just wondering, what’s the book about? The characters seem really interesting! :slight_smile:


The book is about a girl who doesn’t have powers and everyone she knows does. She tries to fit in. There re a lot of plot twits!


Oh wow cool! Were you thinking of posting some of it on here?


Mmm… now that I think about it, that’s a great idea! I’ll try do post in some parts of the story! :smile:


Ah I’m working on my drawings I promise

They’re honestly just taking a long time, because my style can look really weird and odd XD


Ok! Keep up the good work!


Do we have to draw all of them, or can we just draw one? This seems so cool!


I’m not really sure I can help. I’m not much of an artist, sorry. :(


just gets tagged


i’ll finish this after the art trade and inktober possibly take a long time for this one ^^;

edit: if i can


@randomowlsLC : Ok. Thanks!
@DogWithAPen : You can draw 1, 2, or 3! It’s your choice. :smiley:
@IShallNotBeNamed : That’s ok!


btw i’m working on this. i just finished the draft and imma color it digitally.

don’t think i actually forgot because I didn’t haha