Calling all artists!(closed now)



Ok! Thanks! :smile: :heart_eyes_cat:


If Viria came to do my request… @SweeTeaStuffz


Aa sorry it’s taking so long! I haven’t been feeling very motivated lately…
I’ll try to finish it uwu


It’s okay! I understand!


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If you can’t do the requests, please let me know(uggh i sound like a wierdo!:tired_face:).


Ummm… I’m not an artist, and I don’t do requests…?


I might not be able to. I tried.


Oh, yeah of course ill try XD


Oh. Sorry for tagging you!


That is okay. Thanks!


Is there anyone in particular you want me to draw? XP


Any one of the three girls are fine!

Name: Hannah
Gender: Girl
Skin color: Peach a tiny bit tanned
Eye color: Green
Hair type: Straight and shoulder length
Hair color: Reddish brownish
Height: about 5 feet five inches
Clothing: red track shirt with orange running pants and sneakers
Extra: She’s a happy character, so give her a smile!

Name: Katherine
Gender: Girl
Skin color: Pale
Eye color: blue
Hair type: Wavy and curly
Hair color: Blond to her back
Height: five four!
Clothing: Blue ripped jeans, and a plain green t-shirt
Extra: Katherine thinks she’s kind of average.

Name: Cassandra
Gender: Girl
Skin color: Tan color (hispanic)
Eye color: Brown
Hair type: wavy and long
Hair color: dark brown
Height: five six
Clothing: this


wait why am i being tagged in this topic so much


Oh :woman_facepalming: so sorry. I’ll stop.


oh no no its okay!! im just asking bc im confused sry lol


I shall complete your challenge,(Insert evil cackling).


I’m not a good artist._.


I wish I could, but I can’t…school.


@Someone45356 thank you
@Kitty4U it’s ok
@KatrinaPlays that’s ok


Ok I’m busy so I made this in like 1 minute sorry
It’s bad