Calling all artists!(closed now)



Can I try to or not?


Yep! You can! :slight_smile:


Thanks! And which way do they face when I draw them?


They can just face the ‘camera’ or forward.


Okay! Thanks! If you are still on do you want to go to Paigeys Topic Of boredness? It’s getting kinda quiet…


Here’s the link (If you want to go on it)


I would, but I have homework. We could talk later tho. You seem like an AWESOME person. :smile:


Thanks! You want to be one of my friends? (Sorry if I’m getting “Off Topic”)


Sure! Thank you. It means a lot! Bye!


Okay bye! See you later sometime! (Hope you complete homework!) If you have trouble with it ask me.


D’aww… I Count As An Artist? Thank You! I’ll Try If I Have Time.


Thx a lot @Doughnut_The_Hole everyone does like my topic




I can try this but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be finished, prolly just sketches with some colour


Okay. That works for me!





Just added the initial sketches because I’m too lazy to finish them. I added the accent colours I used as well, they’re in HSB values. (You’ll have to click them to see the full image)


Wow. This looks awesome! Thanks!


Base colors for Hannah.

@yaygirls (:


That looks cool! Thanks! :smiley:



Line art and base colors for Katherine :slight_smile: