Calling all artists!(closed now)



I have a HUGE favor that I need from all of you cool artists! I am making a book and I need a drawing of some of my characters! Please do the request and post them here! Here we go!

Name: Hannah
Gender: Girl
Skin color: Peach a tiny bit tanned
Eye color: Green
Hair type: Straight and shoulder length
Hair color: Reddish brownish
Height: about 5 feet five inches
Clothing: red track shirt with orange running pants and sneakers
Extra: She’s a happy character, so give her a smile!

Name: Katherine
Gender: Girl
Skin color: Pale
Eye color: blue
Hair type: Wavy and curly
Hair color: Blond to her back
Height: five four!
Clothing: Blue ripped jeans, and a plain green t-shirt
Extra: Katherine thinks she’s kind of average.

Name: Cassandra
Gender: Girl
Skin color: Tan color (hispanic)
Eye color: Brown
Hair type: wavy and long
Hair color: dark brown
Height: five six
Clothing: this

Extra: She has striped glasses and is SUPER smart!

All of you artists, this is for you! Thanks SO much

Can ya’ll help? @photographer123 @PinkCupcake8 @SweeTeaStuffz @Kitty4U @KayKat @Kayro @glam_unicorn @Grizzlyzoe @WhoNeedsAName @StarryDream. @TappymLP @Mei-The-Riolu @EmojiArts @WhiteFeathers @PastelMintChip @Someone45356 @Waffle_Draws @Elemental_Cat @DogWithAPen @IShallNotBeNamed @lollypopcorn @randomowlsLC @ChickenGirl other artists! (By the way, I am trying to get a lot of different styles, so I can see what my characters look like!) Anyone can do it!(sorry for mass tagging)

Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc) Topic 12 [OFFICIAL]
Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc) Topic 12 [OFFICIAL]

I was summoned by le grand tag.
Do u still need help? I can draw them!


I can help later if you like!! <3


Yeah! I would really like you to do one (or all. Your choice)!


Okay! I’ll try.
Sorry if they’re bad. ;PPP


Okay! That would be extremely helpful! :smile:


I can help BUT

my drawing is TERRIBLE


First of all, thanks for including me as an ‘awesome artist’ :smiley:
And second, I’ll gladly get in this, and start art productions ASAP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It might take a week max, and I’ll let you know about any noticeable set backs :slight_smile:
(And no promises it’ll actually be good lol)


It doesn’t matter! You can help! Even if it’s stick figures!


Okay :wink: ! This really helps.


Wait… We can STILL do this?


Yes! We can! :thinking:


This looks fun!!!
Of course, since basically all the other artists you tagged are better than me, but ill still try!
XD, Ill do this after my studying! :stuck_out_tongue:


Your art’s cool sure! Got to go!




Okay. I’ll need ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!


Can I try to or not?


Yep! You can! :slight_smile:


Thanks! And which way do they face when I draw them?


They can just face the ‘camera’ or forward.