Calligraphy glitch


Ok so whenever I draw on a calligraphy pad, it glitches and a line draws across the screen. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Do you have this rule: When "iPad is tapped": Set position to X last touch Y last touch y?


I have experienced this before, and for me, the answer is yes.


I've experienced this before because I forgot to put the when iPad is touched: Set position to blahblahblah........


It wasn't my calligraphy pad. Or at least, not particularly mine. I found this glitch on at least 15 calligraphy pads. And yes. That rule was there. Let my take some screenshots.


@thomas, I think this is the same glitch I was going on about :wink:


I have expierienced this before, but not since the new update came out :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting this. We will look into it.


I have experienced this glitch but not with calligraphy, or in this version of Hopscotch.

It happened a lot with me without calligraphy, and I just restarted a few times and once it stopped, but this was on an older version.

I can't really help too much as I haven't played Hopscotch in over a month and I am suffering...

But I am curious- who has experienced this glitch?

  • In this version, I have had this happen
  • It has never happened in any version
  • In an old version


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I have an old version, so can you post the links to the projects?



I can't, I don't have an ipad or iPhone!

#12 See purple waves projects.


I have that glitch...With drawing pads in General. Not just calligraphy. The only time when there wasn't a drawing pad glitch was on my own art pad. Idk why though?