Calligraphy Glitch!



I have been working on my friends' new account (Catlover56) and I wanted to make her a calligraphy! I had a calligraphy draft (like @BubblegumCupcakeMix's code for hers) and then... It wouldn't work!

Note that I made these myself and was not copying. I peeked in her code, and I didn't see many things different from mine!


Are you using the Follow Finger ability?


Yes, i am!


Open it and take the Repeat Forever block out. It makes drawings dotted.


Thank you!



I got here late. :P

But yeah, don't use repeat forever. That's why it doesn't work!


You can, but then make the rule "when the play button is tapped" instead of "when the device is pressed". But then you'd still need to take it out because it will leave random lines when you tap it, so... (that didn't make any sense at all did it XD)


Thanks! @BananaDog and @SmileyAlyssa!
In my initial code, the update hasn't come out, so I just used that block!


No problem frend!!!! XD

I couldn't figure out why it was dotted for the longest time!!!!! :joy:


Don't use repeat forever in set pos.


Those dots remind me of the Lizard Pad problems :joy:

Repeat forever reminds me of the new Follow Finger rule with a Repeat Forever