Calculation Blocks



This topic will be a list about the calculation blocks.

Add: Adds the addends, giving the sum

Subtract: Subtracts the subthahend from the minuend, giving the difference

Multiply: Multiplys the mutiplicand by the multiplier, giving the product

Divide: Divides the dividend by the divisor, giving the quotient

Random: Gives a number within the range

Power: Multiplys the number by itself the number of power

Square Root: Divides the number gay a curtain number so the quotient is equal to the divisor

Sine: Gives a number from -1 to 1. The formula says to multiply it by a number to choose the radius of the circle. Add says where to put the center of the circle. Sine is the Y axis


I will try to post 4 more blocks every 1-3 days.

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If you long press on any of the blocks (before dragging them into the project) the Hopscotch app gives a description of each one

For example:


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