Calculating Pi in Hopscotch



I’m not that great at math so I could be wrong easily but could pi be used to make circles in Hopscotch since it’s used to find things like the circumference of a circle or the area?


Hey isn’t it the 31st of April?


Happy Pi Day! (3/14)

I find it pretty amazing that this type of algorithm is possible. Math is awesome.

(Although honestly I don’t really understand how this even works. I mean, I understand how to do the calculation and how to code it efficiently in Hopscotch, but I don’t really understand why it works)

Here’s a paper that describes the spigot algorithm:


Hope it doesn’t crash for u because of how much of Pi I put in


That’s the part that I’m curious about. I’m sure I could implement the algorithm, eventually. However, I’d have no idea what was going on with it. I’d love to dig deeper and find out exactly why it works, maybe I’ll read about it a bit. Math really is fascinating.


Yo, featured! But how?

This was a two year old project that I made, and I did two things: make it longer so scrolling lasts 3:14, and added more of Pi, and now it crashes on opening quite often. It gets featured anyways! :slight_smile: