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Square root is basically finding out which two numbers when multiplied together make the real number.
For example,the square root of 25 is 5,because 5x5=25. You can say this as ‘opposite of exponents.’
This can be used in hopscotch when you want to find out the number that has been multiplied twice to make the main number.
For example,
Square root variable=no.Xno.

And remember,math is fun when understood.


That’s helpful but I still don’t understand how to use square root


nice topic that’s really helpful

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A square root is basically a number that when multiplied by itself gets another number.
Any number can be a square root because you can multiply any number by itself to get another number. (or the same number, if you were to multiply 0 by 0 or 1 by 1)

For example, 2 is a square root of 4, because when you multiply 2 by itself, you get 4.
3 is the square root of 9, because when you multiply 3 by itself, you get 9.
4 is the square root of 16, because when you multiple 4 by itself, you get 16.

Now what is the square root of 36?
6, because when you multiply 6 by itself, you get 6.
So, 6 is the square root of 36.

-2 is also the square root of 4 because when you multiply -2 by itself you also get 4.
-3 is also the square root of 9 because when you multiply -3 by itself you get 9.

So each positive number has a positive square root and a negative square root.
4 has 2 and -2 as square roots.
9 has 3 and -3 as square roots.

Also, SQUARE ROOTS NEVER MAKE NEGATIVE NUMBERS. You can never multiply a number by itself to get a negative number. (imaginary numbers, yes, but that is something else)

The way I explained it is kind of confusing but you can use Khan Academy (a free site) to learn more about them. They are actually quite easy to understand.

Click here to watch the Khan Academy video on square roots.

You can use square roots to find sides of a square, for example. The area of a square is side times side.
If you only had the area of a square and wanted to find a side, you could use square root.
for example, if the area of a square is 4, you know that the side length is 2 because 2 times 2 is 4.


It can be used in many things such as the Pythogorean Theorem.


I remember when my dad told me about this when I was in 2nd Grade I think. Now, I understand a lot more on how to actually use it. I think we call it “roten ur” in Swedish (it would be equal to “root of” in English).




And there is also something called ‘to square a number’
Instead of finding out what number when multiplied by itself gives the main number,you multiply a number by itself.
E.g. 2 squared=4,cause 2X2=4


Idk why you made this. Like why did you make this topic? CHILDREN DONT NEED TO KNOW SQUARE ROOT!


If you don’t know about math,hopscotch would be very hard. Learning about math is nice,and improves your IQ!
Math is fun!


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I’m 8 should I know square root,cosine,and sine


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And also square root is very simple


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