Cake Baking Game!



I just finished making a cake baking game. I made it because recently it was my brothers birthday! Also because I had a poll and cooking game won.
Here's the link Cake Baking Game try playing it, and remix if you want to! It took days to make so I hope everyone enjoys it. Have fun! @JojoDude

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That's really coooooool ;DDDDD


Thank you :smile::smile::smile:

Random cookies lol :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:


i literally tilted my computer since i dont have an ipad at the pouring part


Well it meant for iPad and phones lol


@Catface4 thanks!

20 characters :expressionless:


That's so awesome bruh


I like it! The game is so simple, maybe you could add more?
Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but it would be feature worthy if you put more detail into it! I like how you put that you can choose your own topping, very creative! :D But if you want it put on Featured or trending, here are some ideas:

-Bowl Color option
-More topping choices
-Minigame while the cake is cooking
-More frosting options
-Whipped cream and/or Chocolate syrup option?

Remember, these are just ideas, you don't have to do them; but I would find it very cool if you would! Very creative project! :wink:


Thank you! If I make another one I'll use some of these ideas :smile::smile:


Thank you lol. :smile::smile::smile::grinning::smiley::smiley:


Great, that would be awesome!
Please give credit tho! ;D


I will! But before another cake game, I need to think of a thanksgiving game for this weeks challenge. I made a thanksgiving one already, but that was before the challenge. Now I need to make another! Lol


Lol! I can help with ideas if you want! ;3


That would be great because I'm all out XD


It's pretty cool. Like the others said having more options for the frosting and toppings would be a good idea