Bye. Today's my last day. (For 3 Months 😭)


Okay, the title says it all. Here are some details. I'll be very inactive from tomorrow, as my wifi will be off, but sometimes I take my iPad to my cousin's. From July 8th, I'll be on vacation, most likely with no wifi. :scream: I'll be back on September 24th. :)
Say anything you have to say to me on my most likely my last day here. You know, anything you think I should do, anything I should know, so on.
I'm already so upset. I can't go that long without Hopscotch. I'm going to miss you all. :disappointed_relieved:
Since lately, I've been obsessed with coded models, here's my last one before I'm gone.
I've been working on it for a while, it's not that detailed, though.

I'm also probably going to lose my regular badge, but that's not as important.


Have fun on your vacation! :slight_smile:
See you on the 24th!

*drops phone and cries


I'm gonna miss you


That's how I felt, when the flight was booked.


sighs Why must she leave us?
Anyway have a good time on your vacation! We'll miss your coding while your away.


Bye. You're an amazing HSer. :3

We'll miss ya!



At least you are coming back.......


@IShallNotBeNamed Aw! Too bad you can't jump onto Hopscotch for a while. We'll miss you while you're gone for some time! But I hope you'll have a great time on vacation.


I'll be on for today, though. In both.


@Hero_Dino, this is the topic, I said would explain.


@IShallNotBeNamed Ok then, that's good that you can stay for today!


@Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, @PopTart0219, maybe you could lock her trust level, please?


Have fun on your vacation!
I know we never really talked but I just wanted to say that you're amazing and you've made such an impact on hopscotch and the community :slight_smile:
Have a nice time!


Thanks. I know we don't really talk to each other, but I have read a lot of your posts. It's fun having you around, you're one of the first users I've seen on the forum.


Locked! Have fun on vacation! :smiley:


Have an awesome vacation! And have fun! :D

See you in September. :3


It's ok, I came back from Rhode Island yesterday, and in the hotel you have to pay for wifi!


Well at least you could get a good vacation.


You could just make drafts offline, then publish them later! :D