Bye people I am leaving


I am going to leave the forum because school, family issues, and some of you guys are kinda mean. Besides, I'm getting too old for this fighting. I'll come on sometimes but don't expect me to be a strawberry lollipop.
Because those are just GROSS so don't expect me to be mean when I come back like rly



Cya later alligator. Have a good life


I wasn't mean to you. Well, it's your choice. Bye!



I'm sorry if I was ever mean to you ;-;


Ooh that has my post in the link! :smiley:


This is your own choice. My birthday is coming up in a couple months. But I am not releasing my age.


See you around! Have a great life! :grin:


Gude luck IRL


Okay, bye. Best of luck in whatever you do next.
I don't really like strawberry lollipops, though. How about lemon? Or orange?
jk. Farewell.


Bye. I'm sorry if you think I was mean.
But don't expect sympathy if you want it.


Bye cash if i am mean to you sorry​:sweat:


Chocolate! :chocolate_bar:



I like pink lemonade lollipops


Nuuu! Don't leave! :frowning:

Was it me that made you wanna leave?

I'm sorry

Please don't leave! :frowning2:

It probably is my fault... :slight_frown:


Ok, bye. Have fun in real life, see you later.


I'm sorry if I was mean to you... :sob:


I named my school the prison yard A bunch of kids call it that to but I code 50% of the time at school and the other 50% some where not "The Prison Yard"


Oh my goodness, some of these replies look so horrible.
I am very sorry, I just hope that I wasn't part of your reason (even though it is almost impossible because of my inactivity)
It is your choice and I have learnt over time that this isn't something I can stop you from doing. I just hope things get better irl!


Yea, me too! Much better than strawberry. Okay, I made this too weird, I'll stop.


I don't even even like strawberry that much TBH