Bye. I'm leaving the Forum


Hi guys.
I'm gonna leave the forum.
I'm gonna stay for a little bit longer then go.
I might come back.
But idk.
If you want to talk before I leave now is your chance.


Oh that's too bad
Well you were a great hopscotcher and I loved your projects



I will still be on Hopscotch. Just not the forum.


Bye. :( (Why though?)


I just want to take a break
And I have to start school


@BubblegumCupcakeMix I respect your decision. ;n;
You're an awesome person, fellow coder, and friend! You've made my day so many times, and I really appreciate all the kind things you've done for me and the forum community. I'll miss you. :)
I'm super glad you'll still be on the app! D


That's really sweet!
Thanks @Bananadog:)


We respect your decision. You will be missed though. We hope you come back. Good luck with school and have a nice break!!!:slight_smile:


Oh really? Well then have fun at school!


Bye!! I'll miss you.



Bye fren. I'll miss ya



You were the one that gave me my floffy ducky
and that blob thing

I'll miss you fren!


Why not stay why leAve potatoe friend sad all unicorns upset...


She said she wants to take a break
And also because school is starting


Goodbye :frowning:

At least you will still make cool projects :slight_smile:


Why are you leaving? ;-;


She has school and wants to take a break


Why are you leaving?


Ok, bye. Why would you leave tho?


Nuuuu dun leave fren ;-;

Ur so amazing! Everyone luvs u :D

If u do I respect that but still ;-;

Bai D: