Bye. I'm going. Forever


I'm I'm not about to let something so UNFAIR and IMMATURE get to me. If friendship was banned, I might as well also. Go ahead, ban ME for... Gee, I don't know, how about 200 years?! See what I mean?! Well, I should probably stop ranting now. Bye.


Why are you making another topic on this? You had one...
Oh well bye?
She asked to banned I think


Don't keep making the same topics please.


Sorry I thought the last one did t load so reef ore I made a new one.


Siriusly. If you're gonna make a topic then please read the replies :stuck_out_tongue:





:wave:🏻:wave:🏻 Bye


I'm friendship please look at my replies


That's not nice you're just saying bye not sayi you'll miss them


Because she never even knew me and saying please don't go won't make her change her mind.


Funny you should mention Voldemort! I :heart:️ Harry Potter! :joy::joy:


This is the first time anyone has ever compared me to Voldermort. I would consider myself more of Ginny. But let's get BOT.


I can be annoying IRL. But srsly, BOT.