Bye guys I won't see you anymore


Don't ask why




Okay bye!!


Why won't you see us anymore?


@buildasnowman Cna I finish my awards first?


<;-; nu>



;-; bye fren



I have never used those emojis, but :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Aww ;-;

I'll miss you so much, bye then ;n;


We will miss you

Especially me


sends a virtral hug to @friendship2468

Good bye friend


Why are you leaving? I really want you to stay.


See you in 2024!


XD I don't think he will come back in 2024


Everyone she was banned. She's not coming back she told me to tell you guys


I think its a she ¯_(ツ)_/¯

but the real question is, will she come back with an anonymous account.
No. thats not going to happen tho.

I think shes banned so she can never come on here agian .-.


lol XD
welp...we wont see her for a while


I'll see her by 2024, when I am 19.


Why was she banned?
Edit: It says that the reason is communication outside of the forum. Does this mean communication with other Hopscotchers outside of the forum?


Bye, I'll miss you! Good luck in life! :0