Bye forever, thanks a lot


I might leave hopscotch idk. I am never coming back to the forum. I am actually crying. And not because my two year old cousin is crying. I HATE LIFE sometimes


I don't want to close, so could you phrase this a little bit nicer?




bai ;-;



Goodbye! :0


Me too actually I have to admit ir


No I ruined others lives too


Yes they can you know nothing about me


Bye my life is already bad enough I don't need this beeg eggplant added on to everything


You must have a good life then.


You can choose to ignore, carry on and be happy.
Or, you can let it get to you and be sad.

If you do quit, have a nice time doing whatever you choose to. :)


I'm hungry now b/c of ur profile pic XD anyways BYE FOREVER


Hi frenship welcome back. I missed you!

@GracefulIcing1 don't leave!


@smilingsnowflakes that just really annoying meme talk it doesn't make any sense



I feel like this topic is just a little too negative...

Anyways, @GracefulIcing1 I had to replace the word, as the one you used is not allowed.

Goodbye! Bye! Bai!