Bye for now-Panthera


I have said I will leave hopscotch before. That is not true. However, if you check my profile, it has said I am leaving. That is correct. All I am doing is quitting the account for a while, I decided. You can use the unfinished drafts for something, if you want. In the end, though, I will unpublish some to finish them.
However, if you still want more coding from me, you can check out my other accounts. Here is a list of all my accounts: Panthera, Panthera(Art), lone outcast, Pessimistic Cat, FunSnowboarder1, Bastedragon, Funky 63 new acc. , Bastedragon2 (shared), Ban Haters!!! (Shared) , Manga Wolf, and Der Stein=Stone.

In the meantime, I will pop in every now and then with the occasional shoutout or drawing. Stay coding!


You just joined. I'm confused.


You joined 15 minutes ago!


Ok. Sorry. I didn't mean the forum. I meant the app. I need to take a little break from my main account.


I'm serious this time.


Collab are the only exception.


WHAT?!?!?! Why must everyone leave at the same time?

No, don't leave. Please. I don't want to lose another friend.


I have reasons...
But I might stay for a month longer...


Actually, I have to leave for a little because I can't get into the app on my school IPad so until I get it fixed, I'll be inactive.


Heyyyyy, @NeoPixel , ol’ pal! Haven’t heard from you from a while!


I think he left… ;-;
Hello, though.