Bye for now(it is part time)


I am leaving, but not because of the all of the chaos. I am doing stuff on other websites, maybe on Hopscotch. :rolling_eyes:
Quote this


Don't be Rawrbear, please...

I'm the only one who plays Hopscotch in my school... the people don't make fun of me... at least you'll still be making stuff?

If this is your own decision, then I respect it, no pity.


nuu not another great coder!!
Don't listen to those bullies. Who cares if you play HS? But if you still want to leave, I respect your choices :sob:


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Two people in one night? Will you please stay on the forum?? Please!


NOOOOOO I am going to start to cry again!



I will still come on the forums.


So, kind of like in hidings?


Will you post? Becuase if you did not post I would quit as well maybe I don't know it's too hard!


This is mostly my school people, they get really annoying.


I will post on the forums.


Yay thank goodness!!!!


Oh ok :smile: But I'll still miss your projects


Maybe twice a year, maybe. On special occasions I will.


I'm in 8th grade and still on Hopscotch.
I don't care what other people think.
I hope you choose to stay, but I respect your decision.
If you want to leave, then leave. There's nothing I can do to change that.
I'm a big fan of your projects. I hope you stay.


I will post on one occasion that I will say, my Hopscotch anniversary.




Nuuuu Please don't leave ;-;



Read my other posts!


I did. But still ;(