Bye For A Month (temporary)


I dunt know when I is returning, but I'm leaving.

I dunt want to forum on my school iPad. :(

So bye until a month when I can use my mom's iPad.

I might come back every few days for an hour or two on my sister's phone. :DD

So bye (kind of.)

I might be active a little, just not posting as much.


Cnuuuuuuuuuuu freeeeennnnnn
You canttttttt


Ok! I understand. I haven't been on the forum all summer! (Because of school iPads) I just came back on a few months ago.


:confused: Bai.


Bai Enchy!:wink:




I'll miss u.... so much... ;n;

I understand, but I wish it wasn't the case D:


Bai! :D


bai senpai!

i will miss you


Bye then ;-; :slight_frown:


M'kay. Dis is understandable.
btw your sister's noice
I've heard about mean siblings D:


Goodbye @EnchantedAnimallover see you soon


What about judging the contest??


Y did ur shirt change???


;-; bye best potato fren enchanted!


So scrap that judging for my contest?


yepy.... probably....


I think she will, as she said, "I will be on very little," or close enough. She is with me at her house and said she will be on very very less.


okay thanks, + are you going to enter my contest :joy:




oh lol I haven't started lol, but I and very fast at coding so ye. I just have to wait the day it is due so I stop procastination and make it. If it's due I stop procrastination and work cuz I'm just that way :yum: