Bye (for a few days)



I will stop posting for a few days. I might still look around the forum, but if I see the winky face emoji or another paragraph or anything like that, they I might mute the entire topic or not look at the forum all together. Don't start a flame war here, please.



Sorry, but what's wrong with the winky emoji? I thought you liked it, isn't it in your profile?

Well then, bye!


Okay, bye.


;-; I am not asking why, I hope you feel happier/get well/ do something fun/ idk while you are gone...stay happy! I am going to miss you ;-;


Umm what's wrong with it? Up you have it in your profile!


@RubyStars @Huggingfluffybear I don't like it when others use the winky face emoji, it's really itterating


If you don't like when it's used to you, you should not use it to others!


You used the emoji to her :0


Bye! Good luck! :D


but everyone is fine when the emoji is used on them!


Oops it's gone!!!


But why does it bug you?


so far @DancingLollipop is being the most helpful, and now im off this topic.


I hate the winky face too sometimes it just downright annoys me.


Thanks?! And bye! I respect your choices and don't mind that you don't like that emoji! :D


ok! bye!


I ha e felt your pain before, but I support your on opinion!