Bye Bye Leaders and Mods😖


So... As @Sweetlina said, mods and leaders are now JUST THT, this isn't a topic that makes me mad, just, I agree with Sweetlina that it has changed my perspective on the forum, and just on hopsotch. I am not leaving, but I did change the picture to be my whole cat body, and me makes me sad...will this be another great leaving?

Post #wewillmiissyou if you agree...

I hope THT changes their mind...


(Check out Sweetlinas topic here )


Say bye to your mouses and test subjects


What do you mean? I am confused @PopTart0219...:wink:


Bye PopTart! We will miss you! Why must you leave? Oh, why.. Oh wait it's for the eight grade thingy right.C ya Beyoncé!


What do you mean ? We are not going to have any more leaders or mods !!!!!!!!


What about @Liza and other peeps??!
So what your saying is there will be NO leaders and mods????!
What will there trust level say!??!


You can ONLY make it to regular now on the forum.


@liza still says leader????!
But the other ones say regular!
This still makes NO sense


Only ones that work for Hopscotch can become those...


Ok!!!!!!! @CrookedCat6519


I hope that info helped :wink:


You have got to be kidding me....