Bye Bye Hopscotch and Forum


I've had enough. Too many people leaving. No one to help. It's the new trend. And i need to hop on the new trend (pun not intended). Usually I care about likes. But not on this topic.




Nooooo! Bai. Have a great life senapi


Bye @TheRealBlah.


Humph, now I don't have many frens, I keep losing my frens, IRL and on the HF


No offense, but im kinda doubting this cause you have left and come back so many times. Maybe take a short break, and then come back once the forum is better? Also, why are you quitting hopscotch? There is no drama there.


Here, I'll change my password to something random then change my email to a throwaway email.


As if... DONT PLS...!!!!!???!!!!


Here look at my profile picture and read it.


I have suddenly turned blind... I can't see it...


It says.


I can't read caps anymore...




U could always make another account, although i doubt you will even change your passcode.



@MR.GAM3R Please don't quote.


I quoted dis


Hopscotch isn't about likes or attention bro. It's about having fun, and learning to code.


okay, i'll listen to your feedback.


NOPE you didnt told you
@therealblah seriously PLEASE stawp making leaving topics and coming back - make up your mind