BWG's Crown Coders Wolf Pack!

  • There should TOTALLY be a Crown Coders Wolf Pack!
  • Um, ok
  • Nah
  • No way!!


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Hello Forum!! I've decided there should be an elite (or not, lol) Crown Coders Wolf Pack, but i want you input first. So, plz vote in the poll below, first voter gets a spot as beta!!


Oh, and plz say if you voted. Aaannnyyy who, @TheGreenBanana , welcome as beta!! Plz send me a link to a project. Btw, plz say why you want to be a member to sign up to be one.


Can I join?!? Or you can join mine!! It's called BlaZe_Clan


Of course you can join! But first, why do you think you should join? :3


I think I would be good because I am a good coder and I am helpful. Are we going to have a HS account for this?


Alright!! Your in! And yes, there will be an account when we have enough peeps


Okay!! Can I be a leader?


Sorry, im already leader. But i guess you can be beta, doesnt seen like teh others wanna be a beta. Welcome, beta!! I am teh Alpha!!