Buy advanced mode for single project

What is advanced mode?
Advanced mode is the new version of the Beta Editor. It includes features such as scenes, user variables, and as of this update, new music blocks.

I suggest that users can buy advanced mode for a project just like you can buy images. This new option would also include images, basically getting the sub for one project.

Why do we need this?
Many users don’t need these advanced blocks and images for every project. I would probably use it for 1-3 projects a year. For me at least, its not worth it to buy the subscription.

The current cost is 50 seeds but with these additions the price would probably increase. Possibly 100 or 200 seeds.

What do you think?


I agree


I love this idea!


This will never be a thing… and that’s a fact.


I think the whole point is that THT is supposed to earn money from the beta editor/advanced mode, so they can update more stuff and make hopscotch better.


seeds cost money though


I know but if you get the beta editor, then you earn free seeds, so if unsubscribe, you can use the free seeds to buy the beta editor… so it’s basically a loophole where you don’t even need to pay for beta…??


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thats not really a loophole. You need to have the subscription for free seeds, and the subscription costs money. So really, tht is earning basically the same amount of money. Sub per month is like 8 dollars, and 8 dollars worth of seeds is 40. You only buy the advanced mode for one project too, so to be fair, it’s pretty much the same thing. As well as you have to wait until the subscription free seeds stack up before you get the beta editor for a project. by that time, the payment per month, would already been paid.


Yeah. Either way, you’re spending money. And the seed devs who get seeds for free wouldn’t need it because they already have the beta.


I think the beta editor is supposed to be one of those “premium only, no exceptions” deals. So i think its ok that its sub only atm.

Thats pretty much the only sub exclusive thing anyway


I totally agree!


This is a great idea but I don’t think it will be added.


I see what you mean. But 80 bucks is a lot


While I’ll love this idea, it is unlikely that will be implemented. Advanced mode is one of the main reasons I am tempted to buy the sub (but I have willpower). This will probably result in less people buying the sub. But of course, if 100 seeds was the cost of buying advanced mode, you are still be paying about the same amount the sub costs per month. So, this might end up in THT earning more money, depending how many use this feature. Still, it is unlikely that it will be implemented. But if it does, I know a lot of people will be thrilled.

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I really like this idea! Great suggestion.


extreme bump

It could be added but just 10 or something dollars instead of seeds.

If we want THT to succeed in maintaining and growing HS, that is going to take money (to hire and pay for developers), and it is going to take a predictable source of money. Subscriptions are predictable. Everyone who values Hopscotch and can afford a subscription (especially when they go on sale) should jump at the chance to buy one.


I think that it would be really cool to be able to buy the subscription for one project, maybe with 100-400 seeds for each. Of course it should be expensive to encourage buying the subscription.