Button placement and how to fix it


Let’s face it, most Hopscotch projects don’t have design in mind – including almost all of my projects. Here I have a few ideas to make games easier to navigate. Also, please remember that I’m talking about games designed for iPads.

Usually in Hopscotch games, buttons are placed in the middle of the screen with the buttons Start, Help, and Info. When you place objects in the middle of the screen, the player has to move his/her hands from the corner of their iPad just to hit the Start button. This leads me to another problem; the amount of buttons in Hopscotch games. When a user wants to read the rules and then start the game, users have to press in different places around the screen about 3 or 4 times.

There’s a rather simple way to fix these both these problems. For the button placement issue, you should concentrate most of the places where the user clicks to one side of the screen; left or right. If you want it to be even more user friendly, you can place the buttons in the same place (maybe with a little animation). It’s that simple. For our second problem, you should combine the rules into the Start button. Please remember this must be a quick-to-use interface. Here’s how it goes with my design – press start, read rules, game starts. If your user wants to quickly play your game, this is optimal. When you combine these two aspects together, users are going to want to check out more of your projects (without that terrible design flaw).

I really hope some people take this design in to use to make all projects straight-forward and simple. Button placement on Hopscotch has totally went crazy, and iPhone app support is part of it. We can fix this together.

If you wanted a bit more context, you can see here that all the buttons are placed in the middle.


This is helpful!
One thing I would fix (in the article) is that maybe make it a bit more obvious that you are talking about game design, not about Hopscotch itself. I read kind of fast and I had to reread it a few times. Overall, it is very well writen and helpful, and sorry if this offends you!


This is a good tip to improve your games.