@ButterBark's Game Contest!



Okay, guise!!

I has come up with a REALLY COOL
Okay, so!
If you want to be added in the prize list, pls add name below

Game must include a Start Screen;
Must include a Background
Needs to be 'Original', or it can be based off a game on the appstore
No Images
Must have some of the following code:
When ___ is touched by/bumps
Create a clone
When iPad is swiped_____

And at least one of these items:
Pixel Art
Trail Art

Okay, so! I have a few prizes, but there will be more as you guys (or I ) edit this post.

First place:
Follow, 70 likes from muah
5 art requests from muah
Trail Art request from muah,
Game featuring you in it,
Nomination for Featured,
Nomination for Rising,
An Art Pad ( if you want )
Private collaboration with muah

Second Place:
2 art requests,
A game with u in it,
A follow and 25 likes from muah
Nomination for Rising
Trail Art request
Private collaboration with muah

Third Place:
Follow 10 laiks from muah!
Art request,
Game with u in it
Private Collaboration with muah

Everyone who participated:
A follow, 5 laiks from muah!
Art request
Entered in random raffle for my collaboration account

Okay, so, guise! I hope you enjoy this Game Creating Competition, (otherwise known as GCC)!
Oh, yeah.... The Contest is over in about a week, witch means that the contest is over on Thursday,
Please edit as needed to add prizes, or just ask me! Thanks and Enjoy!!

HUGE credit to @Valgo, who inspired meh and everyone else who made a big competition laik dis


Just so you know, don't tag Anonymous, he is gone :cold_sweat:

This is cool though!!!


Oh yeah.... sorry
And thanks!!


No it's fine! Don't be sorry! :smile_cat:


Well, I hope you can compete! Would you like to add prizes or nuu??
Thanks, PopTart!! :smiley:


I kinda think you should ask for a mod to come in and award first place a title! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here is a poll to see if anyone wants to add a prize:

  • I would laik to add a prize!!
  • Nuu I dun want to + prize


Votes are public.


I am CrookedCat on Hopscotch...I will start making a game as soon as possible!!!


Oh okay! Nawice. Pop tart pls come back fren!! I need u XD


I just invited some of my friends to participate...lets see if they come...

@ThePickle, @TheBlueWombat81, @KoalaKrazy


@Maltese, @KVJ, would u laik to compete or add a prize?? :DD


I don't think I could compete D:

I have no ideas for prizes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Okay, just asking!! !!


Sure I'd love to give prizes!


What? Hello? This is Wombat?!?!


Wait what


Lol, this contest is cool!


You are back? I thought you left...


I got a new kind of notification for this topic.
Here's a screenshot:

What does it mean?
Edit: I think it means an invitation.


I didn't know we were friends...
I don't think I've ever seen you on here before xD