Busy Week For Me!


I'm going to have a busy few weeks! I probably won't be on, but I might. Here's what I'm doing:

Tomorrow, it's my birthday so I won't be on. (That one's not HS related)

On Thursday, I'm thrilled, I'm going to Hopscotch Headquarters! I'm soooo excited. You can ask me questions about it.

I'll be on on Friday and Saturday

On Sunday, I'm lea.ving (why is that blocked?) for a sleep away coding camp! I'll probably be able to use my phone at night, though.




Happy birthday :boom:


Happy birthday! :0:0:00::0 :D
Have fun!


Thanks you guyzes! I hope you guys have a happy birthday whenever your birthday is!


Happy birthday and have fun! :D

Remember to tell us about Hopscotch HQ!

Although you probably wouldn't forget XD


How do your parents allow you to go to Hopscotch HQ? they wouldn't even allow me on the group chat ;-;


I'm on so many group chats it's not even funny. Lol.
I live sorta close to it and either my mom or nanny is going to be with me.


Oh ok.

I meant the hopscotch group thing btw



Cool!! Happy Birthday! :tada:


Oh. I'm not in any HS chats such as the community call. My parents didn't let me use docs even when it was allowed. Frankly, I'm sorta shocked they even let me use the forum.


Happy early birthday!! :birthday::gift::tada:


Happy birthday!
I hope you have fun!
Also my birthday was a few days ago but I shall not reveal my secret birthday date.


happy belated birthday.


Happy early birthday!

That sounds fun!

Enjoy NYC. There's some cool things around Hopscotch HQ area, and there is great food in NYC!


Good luck at the Hopscotch Headquarters!
I think it would be awesome for you to meet The Hop Team in reality!
And happy early birthday!:birthday::cake::gift_heart:


Happy birthday!!!

Omg I am soooo jelly that YOU'RE GOING TO HS HQ!!!!!!!!!! XD


If I ever go to NYC in the future, even if im like 26 when it happens, im going to HSHQ.


Have an awesome time!

Tell me all about your trip when you get back! :D
(P.s. If you color on the little color paper wall thingy at HQ I colored some peperoni on the pizza XD)

The team is really nice, the food is really good, and there's a comfortable couch XD

@Kiwicute2016, you have started a trend XD


Ikr same!



I'll be sure to sit on that couch. I guess.... I don't really know how to respond to that. XD

I'm really happy I'm going to HQ! I've walked passed the building before because I've been to NYC a bajilion times and I can pretty much go whenever I have a free day and my parents will take me​:blush::blush: