Business Tycoon WIP By:HopscotchRemixer, BlastFusion, Sophia71205, and Yusamac205


Oh I am making the project. Other people can give me ideas and remix it to make their own changes after I publish the first version


@HopscotchRemixer Ok, I will just make a different project to tinker with backgrounds for your project with!


Ok thanks! I will add you too my list.


No, no, no! Dont be sorry! I am happy that you were inspired! Dont be sorry, I ment that in a friendly way! Its just hard to express tone through text…


Emojis are a useful way to do just that i reckon
How dare you steal my idea :rofl::+1:


I can help! I just made a retail tycoon and you can take stuff from that as well! :smiley:


Ok new Update! Because I have been able to actually work on his…I finally know what this game is going to be like. @BlastFusion it would be great if you could help. So basically you have to buy machinery to produce product that gets you money. At the start you have to buy a converter belt, which costs $10. That will draw a black line on the screen. Then you have the ability to buy droppers, which actually produce the product. The first dropper will cost another $10 and will draw a little red line somewhere on the conveyor belt. Then it will keep producing an object, which will travel up(like going down an assebmbly line) and when it reaches a certain y posistion, it will disapear and a new one will spawn. Every time the object reaches that y point it will get you that much money. You can buy up to 5 droppers per convert or belt, and then you will need to buy a new conveyor belt, which that can have 5 more droppers, etc. I have already coded most of the variables which I will explain in the next post.
@sophia71205 @Yusamac205 @HopedHoper


Screen-Determines what screen you are on
Conveyors-Determines the amount of conveyor belts that are available for purchase
Conveyors Active-Determines the amount of currently bought conveyor belt
Droppers-Determines the amount of droppers that can be bought(have to buy 5 on one conveyor belt before you can buy the next conveyor belth
Droppers Active-Determines the amount of droppers that are currently bought
Money-Determines the amount of money you are making(will constantly be updated)


Okay, sounds good. But just a thought, why vertical belts and not horizontal belts?


Just because I will have 5 droppers per belt and it will make it look more organized.


Are conveyors active and droppers active just for achievements and stats?


No because they help determine the Conveyor and the dropper variable. One is always larger than the other.


Ok here is the plan:

Black-Conveyor Belts
Red-Droppers(They don’t all have to be red)
Pink-The area the the Conveyor belts lead into. When the object go down the line, they will stop when eye touch this and the player will get money.


I know, but couldn’t it work without them? Idk…


It could but the Conveyor variable tells the object when it can be available and then the Conveyor Active is when it knows it has been bought.


Sure. I can help but I need to publish my project first. I’m nearly finished it.


@sophia71205 @Yusamac205 @BlastFusion
Here is like the official “announcement” about the game. I don’t know why I spent 5 minutes to make one but I just did.
@Steelhooves expect a beta release sometime in January and the first official version sometime in Spring.


Ok I am still improving the home screen, removed the back button, added FPS. Still working out the confusing variable system I came up with.


Ok should I use Unicode to make the Conveyor instead of the trails? Because the trails Glitch a lot for some reason. @sophia71205 @BlastFusion @Yusamac205


@HopscotchRemixer Yeah! I can give some unicode.