Business Tycoon WIP By:HopscotchRemixer, BlastFusion, Sophia71205, and Yusamac205



So I will be making a tycoon game. I need ideas and stuff. I want this to be kind of open ended so feel free to remix my version and add your own stuff and maybe I will add it in.
1.Get the idea
2.Make basic variables
3.Graphic Design
4.Start of building phase
5.You guys can remix and add your own stuff here
6.End of building phase
Be warned that I will post versions of this game a lot. Even just in the variables and graphic design. I would like a loyal 5 helpers who could recommend stuff and help. You guys will get a huge shoutout and also be in the credits.
@OMTL @TheCoders
Current Version:
Alpha 1.4 (December 23, 2017)
People who are working with me:
@sophia71205 @Yusamac205 @BlastFusion
Intrest Group:
Alpha Testers:
@sophia71205 @Yusamac205 @BlastFusion
Beta Testers:
None Yet

New Game? I need some critique. [SORCERER TYCOON]

Does anyone want to work on this with me! Plz…


One second…it might take me a minute…


Okay, I can give suggestions and help with a little bit of code.


Ok thanks Sophia but I still need a good idea for a tycoon…any ideas?


Hm, okay, when I think tycoon, I think Roblox. Some of my favorites are 2 player war tycoon, Skyblocks, etc. So…ideas…um, idk. Maybe like a sports tycoon…like you produce balls…idk


hmm, sound interesting. I have no knowledge whatsoever about tycoons, but this sounds fun. tag me on updates?


Ok I will. Tycoons are simple business games where you buys upgrades and things so you can make more money.


Current Progress:

All of that with the one text block…I also made a back button for after you press start. You don’t even want to imagine how messed up the code is…


Looks good. Here’s a thought I just had. A tycoon is like a good tapper game…without tappining. You know how on something like potato farm, you can use your taps to get PPS? A tycoon is like that…but without tapping and typically with imaginary money. That’s just a thought that may make the whole idea of coding this tycoon easier.


Yeah I know I have Roblox


Wait…you do? Wow, I never knew that…what’s your username?


Socorro I don’t think we are alowed to do that anymore…like communication outside the forum


If that’s the case…there are several people who share theirs…


Try asking on the CUH’s topic.
Why do you and sophie have the same profile picture?


Hmm… Rainbow Background… Business Tycoon… Build Phase… HMMMM… veryyyy familiar… VEEERRRRRYYYYY familiar indeed…


Sorry…I took your project as inspiration. Your tycoon will definitely be different than mine. This one won’t have the defense and attack thingies


@HopscotchRemixer Can I join? I probably won’t be to active… But, I can code :joy:


Ok thanks! I haven’t posted anything yet because I have to finish my Christmas Pixel art


@HopscotchRemixer Ok, can I work on the project? I can work on trying to find a new background so that you don’t get accused of theft by The_Crafty_Painter :wink: