Bumper Car Collaboration



Hey, forum community!

I'm gonna begin making bumper cars with A.I. players.
Credit to @SmileyAlyssa on my inspiration topic.

Below, there will be jobs that you can take. Each job will have requirements.

This counts for every job:

Be nice and appropriate!


•Designers design bumper cars.
•Must have been on for at least 4 months.
•Know how to do text art.
@SmilingSnowflakes would be good for this job!
Three people maximum are allowed for this job.


•A.I.ers design the computer-generated competing 'players'.
•Must have been on for at least 6 months.
•Must know how to do A.I..
@SUPERSWAGGY would be good for this job!
Five people maximum are allowed for this job.


•Groovers code almost the whole thing. Controls, losing and winning, etc.
•Must have been on for at least 4 months.
•Know how to do the losing-winning conditions.
•Know how to do controls.
Two people maximum are allowed for this job.
If you want to do any of these jobs, say me join and the job you want to take:
Example: Me join Designer
Make sure to say if you fit the requirements (listed above!)



Yay! I can't really do collabs, but I will be waiting for this! :smiley:


Can I be one of the designers? I understand if you say no (I'm not exactly good at coding but if you put me in I'll try my best):blush:


Super cool! Can I be a designer or groover @LavenderLovinNerd? I fit all the requirements for both


Hello I would like to join this cool collab


Could I please help with this? It sounds really cool


I would do it, but I've been very busy lately. I might add something every once in a while, but I'm not ready to make a full commitment


@FascinatingTreehouse do you fit the designer

@Crazy_Crawfish chose one. Do you want to be a designer or groover?
@Niftynia75 choose a job.
@RubyWolf1 choose a job.


Groover ! 2020202020


Yes I do fit the requirements --- I have been coding since September and I'll try to make the bumper cars with SmileyAllyssa:blush:


You pick what I should do because I don't know what I should do


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Can I be a groover? It sounds cool.


Just asking , are custom colors allowed?


You can use this bumper car if you want

This one: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xu4w4slod


This bumper car


I'm probably not good for any of these, what is text art. I get so confused what it is fro other things.
BTW nice bumber car @FascinatingTreehouse


Thanks for the compliment @MYD ! :blush:


Welcome!! :wink: :slightly_smiling:, It is amazing


@Crazy_Crawfish okay. You can start your job once @FascinatingTreehouse finishes the bumper cars!
@RubyWolf1 a groover? Do you fit the requirements to be a groover?
@Intellection74 first come, first serve.
@FascinatingTreehouse custom colors are allowed! Awesome bumper car, you're in! Make 2 bumper cars, each bumper car a different color, publish it on this project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xu0twe55b
Remember to put all the design in when Play is Tapped!

@Niftynia75 do you fit the requirements to become a groover?