Bullyin.g Awareness/Treatment Topic take 2


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My story


There’s this guy ■■■■■■■■ me on hopscotch.
His name is @WinningMonkey, and he threatened to dox me:


Saying I should be named for ever and my personal IP leaked?
Sounds like threatening to dox me.


That was meant to be banned and your IP adree banned too so you can’t make another account on here


why do you like to upset people.
or “people” as you call them.
so me and my anxiety aren’t people
don’t reply


That wouldn’t stop me though.
I just change my IP, as I’ve done the many times I’ve been banned on other websites.

(You can change most IP addresses by resetting your router.)


he’s been banned on other websites
help HELP


I sound insensitive but I’m having fun


this…this…is bullyi.ng
we can’t gbot because we are on topic and xse won’t listen


Ahhhhhhh. His topic will probably burn…just wait 4 hours…don’t be impatient


Bullyin.g, like you said, is repeatedly being mean.
They haven’t said this 3 times.


dont worry I made my friend believe that I was stalking her


You are trying to get me to leave?
That is a form of social exclusion, a form of bullyi.ng.


nobody flag
Starry might get the blame


I thought you said you don’t have Hopscotch…


I meant the forums when I made that post.


■■■■■■■ already you have already caused enough topics to be closed.


This topic will be the temporarily substitute the mental awareness topic



yeah let’s just wait for it to get opened automatically


thanks fam

dont tag blastfusion