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Https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y2lbtmmvp. We should make a petition to vote for hopscotch to be "bully free" I have been on hopscotch lately, and there has been stereotypical posts, teasing, and meaness going around.. Anyone with me?
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@doZqoh (PSB)
Click on the link at the top to sogn the petition!!!!


I'm sorry, but I don't think a petition. will do anything. Bullies are just going to keep doing their bully thing, and we can't really stop them without making all of them leave Hopscotch completely. Even if we do that, they'll probably come back on other accounts. Plus, it probably wouldn't be fair to them ;n;


Fair to who?
I think it would be good because they would see how bad bullying is, and they would maybe stop if that many people signed the petition! :slight_smile: thanks for your thoghts!


Yeah, I've tried... no one cared...


Maybe if we can get more peepz....


Can I give you the link to my project?



Quote diss




I'll use the real mass tagging list.




it was really kewl, @Zachyswag!


Sup sup sup sup sup sup.


Remix it with your name! Let's see if we can get it on featured!

most likely not


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Ok lets GBOT


Report and move on.

And maybe remix a project of the victim to say they have support.


Can you edit the link in to this topic, and tell people to remix it with their name?


:)))) yep
Got it!!!!


What do you want THT to do if enough people sign the petition? What are you petitioning for?


Kitty let's stay in H.A.B


He's just creating a petition for it. Not a club.


I love your idea, and I'll sign the petition, but I don't think it's going to really change anything. Bullies will be bullies, and no matter how hard we try, bullying will never dissapear. ( Especially cyber-bullies )
So, we just have to flag as many bullies as we can for now, and that's about all we can do :(
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