Bullied? Me Too!



So I was scrolling down to see some projects and I saw some kid bullyi.ng someone else! I'm not going to point fingers, but this is unacceptable! Why would they even be here! Well I actually know from experience. When I was younger I used to be that kid that always hid in the corner. Yes, I never talked, shared my ideas, or express my feeling. All I ever did was cry. I was that person who was easily picked on, I didn't even say a word. When I got home I used to cry all day, questioning why I'm still alive, and I regret that. One day I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up said my words that were kept inside of me for years and years... And surprisingly, it worked! After that I was never shy again! I said what I wanted to loud and proud. And if your the person that's getting picked on don't worry! You just need to remember there's always someone by your side even though you can't see it. Now I laugh, smile, and make a difference by always cheering someone up. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them and make a new friend. Just by doing that little thing, you can make a big difference in this world.


Wow, amazing speech! This is just amazing!


That's why the Hopscotch Team created the "Report Project" button when you press the "...". Then You can press the "Being mean" option. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!! :blush:


Great topic! Just don't give the bully attention, because we don't want to feed the troll! (Not including @Follow4LikesOfficial) :wink:


Yup you're right!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Very well said! Great story! :thumbsup:🏻


What you said there could change lives.

It could help make our community more strong.

That's exactly the kind of people Hopscoch needs.

(Just remember, don't feed the troll)


I've been bullied before, and I've gone through everything; so if you have been bullied on hopscotch before, I'm the person too go to.


This is a beautiful, inspirational speech! I love it!


Same. If anybody needs any help, I'm there! I've had a lot of Haters, and I've had a lot of bullies, I've been through it all. :worried: But I feel immune to them now. Smiley's have more power than Fowny's!



Bullied? Me also. Not only was it on hopscotch, but at school too. You just gotta try to ignore it. If its too difficult to ignore, let an adult know and try and sort out the problem. Hope this helped.


Welcome to the forum great speech!mif you are bullied ignore it email the hopscocth team at


if this rude additude continues please email me or the hopsptch team my email is
(It's disosible)

And I can fix it asap! (As soon as possible) so that person who is being bullied will have a great fun time on hopscocth!