Building In Hopscotch VS Building Stuff in real life! (OFFICAL)



I love to build with Legos and tinker toys (another type of building toy). I also love to build and create stuff on Hopscotch!! So I decided to make this topic!!
We can post pictures of what we are building IRL and pictures of what we are building in HS!!

Here Are Some Genral Guidelines

  1. No swearing or inappropriate stuff.
  2. Don't get too off topic.
  3. Have fun!!
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First Like!
Yeah,I'll try this soon


I made the HS logo but then my little brother took it cos he does Hopscotch as well XD


Haha. What's your brothers accounts name?


It says his first name XD I dont think he would want me to share it sorry


Ohh… Can you ask him? Tell him if his projects are good enough I will follow him and like some!!


@CodePerfect I like how you think. X(D


LittleBits are so cool. They are mini-electronic modules that you connect with magnets. You can make really cool thing using the bits, like app-controlled doorbells, sirens, flashlights and more :slight_smile:


Those are cool too!!


As I expected… Not a lot of action​:confused::confused:


@CodePerfect I don't really build much in real life... \0>0/


Okay!! What do you make in HS?


@CodePerfect uhhh... pointless test things? I made a streak counter (you got to decide if you win or lose XD)


Cool. Also, the plural is Lego.


Thanks!! Sorry about that!! Do you build stuff IRL?


I made a swing set with tinker toys today!! How do you guys like it?


Sorta off topic. But why does everybody use (OFFICIAL) now? Fun fact: it was on my General Topic since the beginning.


IDK?!? I didn't even know that it was on you topic!! I just started using it!!


anyone wanna talk? please