Building in 3D:Advanced! Tutorial 1



First of all,I would like to give credit to @Thinbuffalo and @Petrichor for past help. I know there are lots of topic like this,but they never show a proper Unicode object. For this tutorial,we code a simple tree!
Ok,now let’s get started. I’ll tell you how it works as we go along!

1.Create a text object!

2.Go into its code and put “When Game Starts” block! In it,put “Create a clone of this object”!

3.3D can’t be done without clones! So that’s why we put it there. Now put this block:
4. Using that block,we can see the ‘upper-side’ view. That means you don’t see the top,but the top and the side. Now for our next step,copy the set position and put a “When Object Is Cloned” block:

5. Now it’s time to start coding and using the clones! In the same block,add:

Why do we need this? Because it tells the system to keep creating a clone until there are 25 clones! We will use all of them. Now time to give the first batch of clones a shape. We need one Unicode block to put in the “Set text” block!(█)

6. Huh? What happened? Well,the system found out that the clones were still less than 10! So each clone was given this block:█. Now,why the check if else? Because if the clones’ number is no longer less than 10,it will start another batch of shapes!Now,in the check if else block, put:

7. It detects that the clones no longer are less than ten,so it give the clones number 10-20 another different code! We only need one Unicode block for this one,too! I’ve just increased the size😉
It looks completed! But,we can’t see it from each side! So add a new block “When :iphone: is pressed”:

8. Almost done! Now in it,put this:

Boom! Now you can see the tree from every angle! Neat,huh? The system detects the side we touched and turns according to that!

A 3D tree! I hope this tutorial helped you.
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didn’t @MagmaPOP make one of these?


Yeah,he did,but it didn’t use Unicode blocks. I’m teaching how to use Unicode blocks to make 3D




I mean the tutorial


Cool tutorial! I had to use 3D objects for a game I’m making, but this wasn’t created yet, so I looked up other code.


Cool! Maybe you should try making Minecraft with this code!


This tutorial is super detailed and well-written! It´s also good that you used images. I´m only good at doing 3D with Trail Art, so I might try to make the tree mentioned in your tutorial.


With actually being able to build and break blocks? That would be a challenge.


Yes it would. You should get familiar with 3D,before you make Minecraft


if its going to be jst like minecraft youd need arrays

pretty sure magmapop did this exact thing but with shapes. why did you needlessly overcomplicate it with unicode


It literally says “advanced”


ok but literally the only difference is that you used unicode



It’s not duplicated!! It’s different!!


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ok but explain why we needed to know how to set text to unicode

thats the only thing this teaches you if you saw magmapop’s sooooo


I kind of agree

The same could have been done with set image/color.

exact same result.

Otherwise great tutorial!

I learned something today.


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