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Hey guys! So, you might know that I've been a 'Reeeegular' for a long time now. Well, I think that's getting a little old - so I want to do something awesome with my titles.

Every so often I will change my title - and it will always be a short, but thought provoking question. I want to start a conversation about it. It might be something like "is infinity a number" or even something like "Are aliens real?" - There might not always be an answer that is right or wrong, but it is definitely something that brings up a lot of cool ideas! The titles might be science or math related, or perhaps art related, or perhaps purely philosophical. In any case, they will be cool questions that might help you learn a thing or two, maybe impress your friends with your newly found knowledge on the subject :stuck_out_tongue: And here is the place to discuss them!

Here, I will edit this topic every time I make a new title with my title and a better explanation of the question. I want you guys to talk about it, start a conversation, or a friendly debate.


Could the universe be a simulation?

We know that making AI that is intelligent and has consciousness, like a human, is possible. We just haven't done it yet. Well, what if someone has? And what if we are AI in a simulated universe? Life itself seems like such a coincidence, so what if it isn't? What if we are just part of a big computer that is the universe?
Bonus: What if you are the only actual intelligent AI in the universe? What if every one else didn't actually exist, like NPC's, but smarter.

NOTE: I know there is a 'comment on titles' topic already. But this is a specific topic to discuss my titles (and suggest titles) as questions, not just to say 'nice title!' or something like that. It's hard to explain but I think you see the contrast :stuck_out_tongue:




I really like your reeegular titles.
Philosophy really confuses me! XD


Great topic! Maybe add the OMTL?


Awesome topic! If I ever became a leader/mod, I would probably put a short question for my title to!


Infinity + 1

Would be infinity 1


Infinity is not a number, but a concept.

Wow. I never speak like that XD


So then, in your opinion, what is infinity+1?


Cool topic!



Just like the difference between left and right! Well... That's more of a perspective.


Well, infinity is endless, so if you continuously add up, you will never reach infinity, so infinity is technically not a number. Infinity plus one is infinity, think about it, never-ending plus one is still never-ending. Same with Infinity minus one, so I think that infinity isn't a number. Like @Lightningstrike said, It is a concept, not a number. Wow, have I ever spoken like that on the forum? XD


This is the coolest topic ever! I absolutely LOVE answering questions that are very tricky to answer, it's my favorite!


Let's make this interesting. @Lightningstrike @Kiwicute2016 @EP125 So then what if I told you that some infinities can be bigger than other infinities?


I've heard that before, there is countable infinity, which sort of is a number, and uncountable infinity, which is more of a concept. They are actually called something else, just I forgot what.


Awesome topic! I wonder if @Kiwicute2016 remembers our discussion at the party about such a title :joy:!

And @Intellection74 too of course!

Gosh it was difficult


Was it the one about east and west? I couldn't think of an answer, so I didn't answer. :smiley:


Could you link it?


This is so interesting that now, I'm WATCHING this topic.


Oh man, then you are going to love tommorow's XD


Technically that is true, for instance, you can continuously divide the number 1 in half, and each succeeding number would be smaller than the previous, or you could multiply it by two and each succeeding number would be greater than the previous. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup! And KC2016 is here now