"Build a Game" projects don't allow custom rules


@liza @rodrigo @awesomeonion

If you make a project using the “Build a Game” videos, the Editor doesn’t allow you to use Custom Rules as you could if starting from scratch.


Maybe it because the games don’t really need to keep the code in custom blocks. There was a new update recently so maybe that could be the problem too.


Maybe because the tutorial doesn’t use them and that people would follow their code exaclty


the reason for tge tutorials is so u have a basic game that you can change


But what if a person made a game from a tutorial and wanted to add in to it?


When did these tutorials get uploaded to Hopscotch? You (@ThinBuffalo) are pretty experienced with JSONs in Hopscotch, so why not take a look at the JSON and see if anything (like the version number) is wrong or different?


you can create a copy