Bugs with notification tab


This is on wiki edit.

Put bugs here that have to do with the new notifications tab in Hopscotch. I've found two major ones.

  1. The names occasionally take forever to load.

How to fix:
Go to someone's profile then back. (Help confirm this works?)

  1. The avatars get switched.
    I don't have a picture, but @Gobli09 liked one of my projects, and when I next checked it for a few seconds someone else had her avatar.

  1. The blue dot on me is like the blue dot on activity, while the orange dot on notifications works perfectly.


That happens to me too. Both of them.


That happened to me but with ALL of my notifications so I couldn't see any names.....


Names load pretty fast for me :confused: Everything has glitches, and the second glitch. That dot was always there on activity even when nothing new came along.


I know. Also, now the orange dot stopped working.


Now it's just a decoration xD


Aww I have to go ;-; Goodbai Senpai!


I am in agreement with MagmaPOP on 'senpai' how it's used here. But I'm not as rude, so who is 'senpai'?