Bugs with Hopscotch


Has anyone been having trouble with hopscotch where running a project, sometimes code would be skipped over when playing drafts?


Yeah, my drafts have been operating terribly in general lately.
Not to mention just not working at all at times.


I think I know what you mean. Yeah, it’ll skip like the first few lines…


Yes, that has been happening to me and my bro on Super Mario Mini Games. It’s really delaying our next game :/ oh well

The Hopscotch Team switched the app to run on the old player, so it should be fixed. Maybe check if you have the latest update? Idk what to say, tag @awesomeonion because this glitch should’ve been fixed a couple weeks ago


I know exactly what you mean!
This used to happen to me, but suddenly stopped happening and everything went back to normal!
I really do not know why…