Bugs on the beta! Wrapped text! Blank Projects! Wha?



Hey guys, I recently got the lastest beta and saw some strange things:
1. The Wrapped Text glitch is back! (According to other beta testers) but I don't have this glitch because iPad is too new.
2. When you publish something in the beta, the text looks like it's invisible! What's the big idea??? (this always happens to me :frowning: )
3. Plz reply and tell me if these bugs are affecting you as well


lol no response im lonely


oh and forgot that sometimes it crashes in the beta


I'm sorry.
Can i join.
i can help you post things about the beta


you need to email the hopscotch team in order to become a beta tester (i used my moms email)


ok i will do that tonight


we can do it together! :sunglasses:


no just tell me what the thing is and i will help you think of a thing to post about it


im having the same problems with beta @Ihasfluffycupcakes


Maybe I'll just tell that to you later.


Ikr! I really want this blank project bug to go away


me to! (20 characters)


tell what?
what later?


i know its bad!!
do you like it i don't


Also... What's your username on hopscotch beta? Mine is ihasfluffycupcakes (beta) (sorry kinda off topic)


About being a beta tester


SnowGirl Studios :snowflake: :zap:-beta


So I'm sounding like a total newbie, but how do I trust? I just got the new beta.


Go to Settings>General>Profile> and click on hopscotch technologies and click trust


Don't worry I had the same problem when I became a beta tester